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Welcome to the Christ Child Society of Summit New Jersey Website :: First Annual Blankets for Babies 2/6/13

First Annual Blankets for Babies Day

February 6, 2013

photo.JPGsewers.jpgphoto2.JPGphoto3.JPGphoto4.JPGphoto5.jpgphoto6.JPGphoto7.JPGphoto8.JPGphoto9.JPGMichelle and Marilyn.jpg6th grade girls.jpgVal fringing.jpgtying fringe.jpgTheresa and Sue.jpgTerry.jpgsewers1.jpgMom and son.jpgMargaret.jpgLori and Kathryn.jpgLiz Stewart.jpgkids4.jpgkids3.jpgkids2.jpgkids.jpgKathryn sewing.jpgFringing gals.jpgChristina.jpgAngeli.jpgAngeli and Laura.jpg

Thank you to everyone who supported our First Annual Blankets for Babies day

at Memorial Hall on February 6, 2013. 

Volunteers stopped in all day and evening to help make our signature fleece blankets for babies.  Grandmothers and teens, members and new friends, were able to cut, pin, sew, iron, fringe and tie over 100 blankets!  Each layette that we donate to a child in need at Overlook and Morristown hospitals includes one of these adorable blankets which are appreciated and cherished by the recipient families.  Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers!  In the words of our founder, Mary Virginia Merrick, “Nothing is ever too much to do for a child.”

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