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Welcome to the Christ Child Society of Summit New Jersey Website :: Our History
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Our History

The Christ Child Society


The Christ Child Society, founded in 1887 in Washington, D.C. by Mary Virginia Merrick, is a non-profit association of volunteers dedicating their love of the Christ Child through personal service to needy children. Over 100 years later, her legacy continues to bring hope and assistance to the most vulnerable through the work of our 6,000 members in 44 chapters around the country.


The Summit Chapter


The Summit Chapter of the Christ Child Society was originally chartered in 1929, and retired in 1999 after 70 years of service. In 2006, our chapter’s “new founder” heard about the Christ Child Society and was intrigued about the group.  Sitting on the beach, she heard from college friends in Washington, DC about many of the good deeds of the National Christ Child Society. Knowing there was a need in Summit, the chapter was re-established and due to an enthusiastic response, Summit’s membership now boasts over 115 and continues to grow, as women throughout the area dedicate themselves to providing aid and supplies to at-risk children in Summit and neighboring towns.


The Summit Chapter was granted its charter at the National CCS Convention in Cleveland in September of 2010.




Summit receives it’s national charter in September 2010.



Our Founder


In 1884, a young woman named Mary Virginia Merrick encountered a young boy of an impoverished family who wanted a red wagon. “Write to the Christ Child,” she suggested to him. “He is the giver of all good gifts.” She then proceeded, with her friends, to collect a red wagon and other toys and delivered them to the little boy. The gift tag read “From the Christ Child.”


Her philanthropy did not end there. In 1887, Mary learned of a family in extreme poverty, who was expecting a baby due to arrive at Christmas. Though she herself was confined to a wheelchair as a result of a childhood illness, Mary persuaded her sisters and friends to assemble a layette for this Christmas baby. It was delivered to a deeply grateful mother in time for her joyous event.  Mary’s acts of kindness continued, and the “Society of the Christ Child” was born. Since its inception, the guiding principle of the Society has been to give the gift of personal service rendered “for love of the Christ Child to the least of His little ones.”


Today Christ Child Society Chapters across the country, each with their own programs, break the cycle of poverty and serve the needs of children in their communities.

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