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Sew a Mile for the Babies!

Theresa and Cheryl with mountains of fleece!


Once again, we made our pre-dawn pilgrimage to Joanne’s Fabrics in Succasunna last week to purchase fleece for Blankets for Babies Day. The staff at Joanne’s generously and graciously opens the store early so they can help us gather, sort, and cut all the fleece we need.  Our purchase of fleece is made possible by a generous grant from Summit Elks Lodge #1246.  We are so grateful for their support, and have stretched their dollars using discounts and couponsóreducing our fleece cost to a mere $4.16/yd.  Can’t beat that!!  Even more impressive are these numbers: 


We purchased 481.5 yards of fabric, or enough to make 321 blankets. Taking into account the 12 inches of fringe on each blanket, and multiplying the linear feet by 4 since we sew two sides of the blanket then topstich the two sides again, we will sew 4,494 feet or 1,498 yards!  At 1,760 yards in a mile, that makes .85 MILES OF SEWING. Adding the 53 blankets that need partial sewing (in process from last year), that is A MILE OF SEWING FOR THE BABIES! 


We couldn’t do it without all of our helpers who cut, pin, iron, fringe, tie, and yes, SEW on Blankets for Babies Day!  Can’t wait to see you all on Wednesday, February 1st from 10 am to 8 pm at Memorial Hall! See our home page for more information and to sign up.


By Angeli

Fleece Adventure!


Led by our fearless Blankets for Babies chairperson, Theresa Sweeney, Cheryl Mullery, layette chair, and Angeli Breen, publicity chair, took Joanne’s Fabric by storm this week for a “Fleece Run” in preparation for the 4th Annual Christ Child Society of Summit Blankets for Babies Day on February 3rd.  Theresa and her Texas drawl kept everyone on task and in good spirits, despite the 5:30 am wake up call and the lack of coffee for one particular shopper!  She even used her southern charm to get an additional discount allowing the group to purchase MORE FLEECE!


The amazing staff at Joanne’s Fabric in Succasunna helped the shopping trio select, measure and cut yards and yards of adorable fleece. The goal was to buy enough fleece to make 250 blankets in a single day to include in the layettes that the Christ Child Society of Summit provides to babies in need at Overlook and Morristown hospitals.  Layettes are bundles filled with newborn essentials that help babies and their families get off to a happy and healthy start.  Blankets are made by volunteers of all ages and abilities, including middle and high school students.  Sewing and craft enthusiasts are encouraged to attend, but non sewers are welcome!  If you can cut, pin, iron, or tie a knot, you can help make blankets and join in the fun!


The 4th Annual Blankets for Babies Day will be held on February 3rd from 10 am to 8 pm in Memorial Hall at St. Teresa’s (across the street from St. Teresa of Avila Church, 306 Morris Ave., Summit, NJ).


To participate in this year’s event, or for more information, visit our home page or contact us at


The purchase of fleece for Blankets for Babies is funded by a generous Beacon Grant from the Summit Elks Lodge #1246.


Girls Night Out Rocks the Elks Club!


Pictured are FOUR generations of a proud “Elks” Family working on our Blankets for Babies on Girls Night Out at the Elks club, held on February 26, 2015.  These and other Elks and Christ Child members and friends came together to work on finishing over 70 more blankets. It was great fun to gather in such a social atmosphere with music, food, sangria, and lots of colorful blankets!  We are so grateful to the Summit Elks Lodge #1246 for their generous grant which helps us buy the fleece for our blankets, and for hosting such a fun night out!


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B4B Day Brings Us All Together!


What a fabulous day of making blankets, having fun, seeing fellow members, and making new friends!  Despite the ice outside, our 3rd annual Blankets for Babies Day saw 100 volunteers of all ages coming together for a common cause.   There was a woman who came despite falling on the ice and chipping her tooth. It didn’t stop her from smiling as she ironed!   There was a woman who came because she saw the notice in the bulletin and realized we needed volunteers.  How nice of her to help!  There were the two young girls who showed up with their sewing machines, got right down to work and sewed away!   They were adorable, and proof positive that you are never too young to help others and do work that matters.  We love this day....


Thank You to the Summit Elks Lodge!


Another BIG Thank You!!

Thank you again to our members and friends who came out to support our second Blankets for Babies Day, sponsored by the Summit Elks, on May 16thNearly 30 people, young and old, came by the Elks Lodge on Thursday,  May 16th to help cut, pin, sew, fringe and tie blankets for our layettes. The Elks very generously provided a grant for the fleece, as well as volunteers, their lodge, and refreshments.  It was a very special day filled with community, camaraderie, good cheer, and good works - all on behalf of needy children.  We were able to finish 27 blankets, and ended the day with 134 more in various stages of completion. Thank you to all who helped make the day a success. Many babies will enjoy a warm, adorable blanket because of you.  Kudos to Lambi Newsham for initiating contact with the Elks and securing our very first grant!


We LOVE Blankets for Babies!

Theresa and Sue.jpg

Over 100 CCS members and members of the St. Teresa of Avila community came together on Wednesday, February 6th, for the first annual Blankets for Babies Day.  St. Teresa’s Memorial Hall was organized so that there were different workstations allowing even those if us who don’t really care to sew an opportunity to help with the project: some sewed, others cut and pinned the fleece, one very excited group got to use a truly awesome invention called a fringer (who knew such a thing existed) and our rock star teens tied the fringe. Well over 100 of CCS’s signature carriage blankets were completed, ready to be packed up in our next bundle of Layettes that will go out the door to Overlook and Morristown hospitals. It was a great day! CCS members had a chance to catch up, meet some new friends, eat the delicious snacks provided by our hospitality team, Maura and Lambi, but most importantly so many were able to do some great work for those kids that really need warm clothes and a cozy blanket.  No discussion of the day would be complete without mention of the great job done by Theresa and Janet, who organized and mapped out the logistics, bought the material, and found enough people with sewing machines to make the day really work.  Job well done!

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