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Welcome Father Bob!


Christ Child Members were lucky to have the new pastor of St. Teresa of Avila Parish celebrate mass with us at the home of Angeli Breen.  He referred to the day’s reading and gospel and how it is easier to answer God’s call when a friend invites you to do something than when you may hear God calling you directly—when we are more apt to say, “no, not me!” So we have to be more willing to accept God’s invitation like we would accept a friend’s.  He spoke about the special connection that comes from having a friend ask you to join them in volunteer work, and how effective that can be.  He also referred to our founder, Mary Virginia Merrick, and how her physical disabilities did not hinder her in helping children, and in fact, inspired others to follow her example.  We had a record number of members come to welcome Father Bob, and we thank him for taking the time to get to know the Christ Child Society of Summit a little better, and lend us his spiritual guidance.  

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A Morning of Reflection



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A Beautiful Morning to Reflect!

Christina Amundson and Dennis Corcoran
We so enjoyed our morning of reflection with Dennis Corcoran! The morning began with coffee and delicious home made muffins—it was so nice to meet some new people and reconnect with old friends.  Fall is such a busy time for all of us, and it felt good to take a little while to relax and listen to some of the teachings of St. Paul.  Dennis does a great job of interpreting the readings and clarifying them for us in a humorous and interesting way.  While we can not impart what he said in his wonderful manner of using both song and storytelling, we can give a recap of what we took away from the morning:Read more...

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An Advent Tradition Continues


One year ago, we held out first mass in a member’s home, and a tradition was born.  We have since held four masses in members’ homes, and have two more scheduled for this year.  It is such a wonderful, spiritual way to celebrate our Christ Child community!  As Msgr. Guenther would say, “it’s a Catholic thing!” Pictured at right is Fr. Brian Plate at the lovely home of Maria Jacobello.


What Better Way to Start Our Day?


Angela Schroeder hosted this month’s “First Tuesday Home Mass” for our members.  Monsignor Guenther, our celebrant, preached a beautiful homily about how important it is for us to be lovingly present in each other’s lives, a concept that really resonates with our chapter’s mission.  After the Mass, CCSS members in attendance enjoyed each other’s company over a tasty brunch.  Many thanks to Angela and to her family for sharing their home and for treating us to such a moving and intimate experience.  Many thanks also to Tracy Stabler for orchestrating the logistics of the liturgy and for those members who acted as lectors or Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to attend one of our Chapter’s Home Masses, please consider joining us next time. We anticipate having another home mass on June 5th.

By Lambi

A Bright Light to Start Our Day


Some of the Christ Child members were fortunate enough to celebrate mass last Tuesday with Father Brian Plate at the beautiful home of our member Lisa O’Hearn.  Despite the dreary day, it was a welcome respite during the busy days of the Christmas season.  The idea for the home mass came about in a conversation with our Spirituality co-chairs Tracy Stabler and Lori White.  We reminisced about home masses from our youth and I mentioned that my Uncle was a priest and we celebrated many masses in my family room with my best friend and I singing and playing the guitar.  I bet you didn’t know I played a mean “They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love” on the guitar!   Back to the mass -we had a “sold out” crowd of 19 in Lisa’s living room.  It was lovely, spiritual and brought us all together for the purpose of celebrating out faith with one another.  May the bright light continue in the months to come.

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