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Dear Members of the Christ Child Society (a letter from Lucy Remus)


   Well, it was a glorious luncheon on Thursday.  I always look forward to attending them.  Joanne Ainsworth would cover classes at Oak Knoll for me.  They inspired me.

   Everything was impeccably done.  The tables, the food, the mass, and the company. I have always felt welcome. I have been attracted to the Society for the hard work that is done cheerfully for the well being of children.

   When Angela Schroeder asked me to knit hats, Norah Marie Bischoff taught me how to use circular needles.  ...After my sister passed away I decided to dedicate all of my hats (and other knitting) to her honor.  She would laugh if she knew that I can knit!  I was not proficient, in her opinion!

   I have a quote from Mary Virginia Merrick in my foyer.  My good friends at Oak Knoll had it made when I left.  I read it every morning.  It is my life’s inspiration.  You can imagine how stunned I was to receive any award, and especially one that bears her name.  I thank you with the most humble heart.

   I will definitely attend the Rummage Sale.  I am hoping to get up (to NJ) for the School Suppplies days as well.

Thank you for seeing the vision and living the mission of Mary Virginia Merrick.  I am proud to help.




By Lambi

“I Wouldn’t Miss the Rummage Sale!”

Enjoying each other’s company after a long, hard day’s work!

The Summit Christ Child Chapter held its seventh annual “Collectables and Delectables” sale on October 3rd.  Not only did we have our local members volunteering, but a beloved, retired teacher from Oak Knoll, Lucy Remus made a special trip up from Virginia to help out. As she noted, “I wouldn’t miss this great event.  I put it in my calendar as soon as I heard the date.”  In addition, lots of middle and high school kids volunteered their service hours to help set up and clean up and bring items to shopper’s cars. The original idea of a rummage sale came from Board member Margaret Strong who thought it would be a “feel good” event for our Summit chapter and the community. Seven years later we have continuously been able to provide nice items at a reasonable price, and have the support of St. Teresa’s to hold the event in Memorial Hall, all while raising funds for our programs to help children in need. It is an event where everyone wins!  Funny story this year-we found a beautiful set of china from one of our member’s mother that had been hidden from the previous year. We put it out at the sale and our member said, “If it doesn’t sell, I will take it back. I can’t just donate my mom’s china.”  Five minutes later a women wanted the china for the price we were asking. There was a huge smile on our member’s face.  Items not sold were donated to Sage Resale store in Summit and Purple Heart which through our donations helps the lives of American Veterans and their families.

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treasures and treats!


Our 2013 Rummage Sale was held on Saturday, October 19th in Memorial Hall from 8 am to 2 pm.  Thank you to the scores of people who donated their treasures, to those who gave these treasures a new life by purchasing them, and to the many volunteers who made it all run smoothly.  “Customers” were lined up outside our doors for our 8 am opening, and the crowds kept coming until we closed the doors at 2:00 pm!  Read more...

By Lambi

Rummage Sale Reflections


It was a whirlwind of 3 days as members of our Chapter lugged items, priced treasures, moved merchandise, staged the items, and finally baked for our 3rd Annual Rummage sale.  You know you have “good stuff” when 50 people were eagerly waiting and peering in the windows of Memorial Hall at 7:45 am as we readied to open the doors. There was a mad dash to the jewelry as dealers brought their bags and quickly moved around the room looking for treasures. Those who arrived with children headed to the massive toy area and bake sale.  We had a steady stream of buyers throughout the day.  And when it was all said and done and we closed our doors, we were able to “pay it forward” and donate the bulk of the remaining items to the Big Brother Big Sister organization, and some to SAGE and Summit Junior Fortnightly.  I know we all had such a good feeling that we were able to offer nice, affordable items to those in our community who needed it most.  I also enjoyed coming together as a group as we laughed over items donated, items purchased, and the haggling that went on with buyers.  One thing worth mentioning is that most of us found something at the sale to buy and as the saying goes...”one woman’s junk is another Christ Child member’s treasure!”

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By Maura

Rummage Sale Wrap Up


The Rummage Sale was  a great success!  The money we brought in will aid us in our mission to  help children in need in our community.  A job well done!  Thank you to everyone who donated, worked, baked and supported The Christ Child Society.  It was a huge success and many people left with smiles on their faces with the “treasures “they went home with!!


Great job ladies.   Thank you for all your hard work!

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