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By Lambi

Empowering Our Leaders: Telling Our Story

Lambi and Christina in front of Mary Virginia Merrick’s childhood home


Board members Margaret Strong, Christina Amundson and Lambi Newsham attended the National Christ Child conference in Bethesda this past September.  The seminars and workshops centered around the theme of “Empowering our Leaders: Telling Our Story.” One of the highlights was a mass at Blessed Sacrament, Mary Virginia Merrick’s church as well as a stop at her home in D.C.  Monsignor John Enzler, head of Catholic Charities in DC,  presided over the mass and had a lot to speak about after being with Pope Francis just days before .  It was a treat to see framed photos of Mary located throughout the first floor that were strategically placed in the location where the picture was originally taken.  And as a coincidence, member Tracy Stabler’s parents still live right next to Mary Virginia Merrick’s house and Tracy was married at Blessed Sacrament church. Six degrees of separation!

By Lambi

Getting Energized at the National Conference


Last weekend I was fortunate  enough to attend the National Christ Child Conference in Bethesda, Maryland.  And what a great experience it was for me.  Meeting dynamic woman from all over the country (the farthest being Seattle) doing many of the things our chapter is doing right here in Summit. Everyone was helping needy children. And the best part was whether it was a large or small chapter we all we facing the same situations.


On Saturday, there was a great speaker Susan Ellis from a company from Philadephia called Energizeinc.  She started with a question regarding our chapters that made us all chuckle, “Is it still your Grandmother’s volunteering?”  I’m happy to report we are not.   For me, it was food for thought on how we manage our volunteers, how we keep them engaged while dealing with the 24/7 communication we are exposed; new social networking forums such as blogs (my first one), YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and smartphones.


It was a busy weekend but I returned feeling even more pumped about our chapter and what is ahead of us.


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