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“The Luminary Effect”

Lori, Linda Massengill, and Kathryn

On February 1st, Lori and I were honored to receive a check from Summit’s Luminary Fund in support of the Christ Child Society’s Layette Program.  Each year the Luminary Fund supports an amazing group of non-profit organizations that in turn support Summit citizens, from infants to seniors.  The Luminary Fund is able to provide these funds due to the generosity of Summit citizens who purchase thousands of luminaries each December to illuminate our town on December 24th.  As Miles MacMahon, another Luminary Fund recipient, so aptly put it, “the luminary effect”, or “glow,” starts with the people who buy and display these beautiful lights throughout the town. It is spread through the good works of the people who run the program led by Barbara Romano. Lastly, it is felt by every Summit citizen who benefits from the services provided by fund recipients including the Summit First Aid Squad, SAGE, Senior Connections, Area Baby Center, and more.  Thank you to the Luminary Fund and to all these organizations for making Summit “glow.”

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treasures and treats!


Our 2013 Rummage Sale was held on Saturday, October 19th in Memorial Hall from 8 am to 2 pm.  Thank you to the scores of people who donated their treasures, to those who gave these treasures a new life by purchasing them, and to the many volunteers who made it all run smoothly.  “Customers” were lined up outside our doors for our 8 am opening, and the crowds kept coming until we closed the doors at 2:00 pm!  Read more...


2013 School Supplies Drive Wraps Up


Just in time for school, 323 children eligible for free and reduced lunches received new backpacks and school supplies.  For the fifth year, the Christ Child Society of Summit and Bridges Outreach collaborated to collect hundreds of binders, spiral and composition notebooks, pens, pencils and much more.  In addition, $2,500 worth of additional supplies were purchased from funds raised by both groups.  It is estimated that each child received supplies valuing $65.  Parents were able to take the financial resources that would have been used for school supplies to pay for food, rent, and other necessities.Read more...


The Gift of.....Bibs!


The day before Valentine’s Day, an “angel” called me out of the blue and said “Someone gave me 5 large boxes of bibs...does Christ Child know anyone who can use them?”  Did we ever!!  Since the start of the school year, the staff at the Infant and Toddler Early Learning Center at Central High School in Newark has been asking if we could get them bibs, LOTS of them, since the babies go through them so quickly, and they tend to get pretty yucky, pretty fast.  Here was a gift of bibs, LOTS of them, from out of nowhere.  Well, not exactly nowhere. The “angel” saw our name in the bulletin and knew of our organization because her mother was a member of the original Summit chapter of the Christ Child Society.  Her mother joined Christ Child when she moved to Summit from Brooklyn when she was in her EIGHTIES.  She lived to be 103 years old.  It just goes to show, it’s never too late to make a difference!


Everything We Do Has An Impact


If you are like me, you’re always thinking, in the back of your mind, how am I ever going to be sure my kids learn all the lessons they need in order to become good adults—the people they were meant to be in every sense.  Maybe, just maybe, we don’t need to worry so much.  


This Christmas, my kids were given a sum of money they could donate to the charity or charities of their choice.  I figured I would need to prime the pump, Read more...

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