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Welcome Father Bob!


Christ Child Members were lucky to have the new pastor of St. Teresa of Avila Parish celebrate mass with us at the home of Angeli Breen.  He referred to the day’s reading and gospel and how it is easier to answer God’s call when a friend invites you to do something than when you may hear God calling you directly—when we are more apt to say, “no, not me!” So we have to be more willing to accept God’s invitation like we would accept a friend’s.  He spoke about the special connection that comes from having a friend ask you to join them in volunteer work, and how effective that can be.  He also referred to our founder, Mary Virginia Merrick, and how her physical disabilities did not hinder her in helping children, and in fact, inspired others to follow her example.  We had a record number of members come to welcome Father Bob, and we thank him for taking the time to get to know the Christ Child Society of Summit a little better, and lend us his spiritual guidance.  

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A Morning of Reflection



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Showers of Gratitude


The sun was shining on our 11th Annual Baby Shower on March 30th!  Many friends, members and guests came out to support the Christ Child Society of Summit and our layette program. We received many generous donations of  baby clothes and funds to help purchase them.  We were lucky to have Maria Velasquez-Knight, the social worker from Overlook Hospital’s HealthStart Clinic, speak to us about the impact our layettes have on the families who receive them.  We are always so grateful to hear stories about how we have touched lives with our work. 


Thank you to What a Dish for catering a fantastic lunch, to Wool and Grace for donating a door prize of wool and knitting lessons, to our event chairs, Lynne Strabley and Beth Tully, and to all the people that helped make the day a success.


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A Great Way to Start the Day!


We gathered 30-strong at Claire Toth’s home to celebrate our February Home Mass.  What a great way to start the day!


Outside the weather was drizzly and gloomy, but inside Monsignor Guenther was talking to us about light — the light that each of us has and that we bring to all the children that we reach through the Christ Child Society and its programs.  He shared how important it is for each person to be affirmed and how each of us provides that affirmation to the children through our personal service, whether we actually get to meet them or not, because our work shows that someone out there cares. 
Thank you to Claire for hosting and to Monsignor for inspiring us!

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Purls of Wisdom...


Sew a Mile for the Babies!


Making Tiny Toppers Together

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A Beautiful Morning to Reflect!

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Make a Difference Day (MDDAY)!


2016 Atlanta Convention: “Food for the Soul!”

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