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Blogs by Lori
By Lori

Ready for a New School Year!


This is a great story... a girl signed up to volunteer at our school supplies distribution in August. When she arrived on distribution day she looked like a student, so we asked her how old she was.  She said she is 19 and that last year she was a recipient of the school supply program and now that she is graduated, she wanted to see how she could help. She searched our name, found the volunteer page, and signed up!  How nice to know that she was inspired by the help she received from CCS to pay it forward.


Look for her story in our fall 2014 newsletter!

By Lori

Tiny Toppers = knitted hats For babies!


We were thrilled to see so many turn out on a blustery, cold, January evening for our first “Tiny Toppers” knitting night!  On January 23rd, fifteen members gathered at Wool and Grace to knit baby hats to be included in our layettes. It was great fun and a group effort, with experienced knitters helping those that were slightly rusty.  Many hadn’t knitted since they were kids and some were learning for the first time! By the end of the evening, all were knitting and purling, and on their way to completing beautiful hand made baby hats. Read more...

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