By Cheryl

Making a Difference...One Child at a Time

Layettes being assembled

I have a wonderful story that will warm your hearts on this cold, snowy morning.


If you ever wondered if our work makes a difference, Rikki and I can share with you what we witnessed yesterday. After our assembly, we brought 54 layettes (30 more than we usually bring them) and 2 bags of snowsuits from the Advent Giving Tree to Morristown Pediatric Health Center. When we arrived the waiting room was empty as it was not a clinic day but the staff greeted us with smiles, excitement, pure joy and appreciation for all the layettes. They couldn’t believe how many we were delivering. As we were lugging them in, a young mother and her baby came out from their appointment. It immediately became apparent the baby was only wearing a onesie with a light blanket over the baby carrier. We all know how cold it was yesterday, we were all talking about it as we came in yesterday morning. We were all fully clothed coming from our warm cars! Not the same for this mom and her baby who were going back out in the cold and probably taking public transportation. The staff looked at the bags of snowsuits with delight and promptly found the proper size for this beautiful baby girl. We then got a layette and gave it to her and the nurse translated who we were and what was in the layette. This mom seemed genuinely surprised but oh so grateful. Rikki and I could barely see through our misty eyes! I still have chills recounting this story for you.


We then met with Joanna, the social worker who runs this program. She didn’t have enough words to thank us for all we do for this center. She said that having Christ Child bring these layettes makes her job so special and being able to give these layettes to her clients makes a huge difference. She had tears in her eyes as she spoke to us—again Rikki and I were misty! It was a magical delivery and I hope you realize what a big part of this you are! Our whole organization does make a difference, one child at a time—and we witnessed it yesterday!


A big shout out to Jean who did all the shopping for this assembly—thank you—your selections are always adorable and picked with such love!!


To all that helped yesterday, old and new members—you did a great job and I so appreciate of all of you!



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